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Green Moluccas is a non-profit organization established in 2011 in Moluccas Province, Indonesia, with the primary objective of environmental preservation, heightened societal awareness, and empowerment in the realms of environment and disaster management. Its overarching goal is to foster a sustainable way of life for future generations. Green Moluccas enhances societal empowerment through education, training, and socialization, aiming to safeguard the environment. Green Moluccas achieves its missions through three primary initiatives: green education, social enterprise, and campaigning and advocacy

Green Education

This program aims to enhance the environmental and disaster management knowledge of marginalized children in Moluccas Province through the implementation of green education. This program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 8 and 14 in the Moluccas region. Participants will engage in enjoyable activities within the mangrove forest located in Ambon Bay, where they will undertake a mini-project centered around environmental topics. This program aims to cultivate sustainability and empower individuals to become catalysts for change within their community. Individuals have the capacity to utilize their acquired knowledge in order to safeguard and maintain the environment.

Social Enterprise

The social enterprise program aims to enhance the economic growth of society by implementing a circular economy program. Individuals will acquire knowledge regarding the process of transforming waste into valuable commodities. Furthermore, participants will receive training in the process of recycling waste materials into valuable products, such as compost, plastic souvenirs, ecobricks, and other related items. This program also educated the community about waste banks, providing information on how individuals can generate income by bringing their waste and converting it into money or valuable items for their households. Another initiative involves the acquisition of pre-owned items, catering to individuals who prioritize environmental sustainability or have a vested interest in pre-owned goods. The objective is to enhance the societal economy by means of education, socialization, and training

Advocacy and campaign

The program's primary goals encompass the augmentation of societal consciousness via social media and offline initiatives and the promotion of environmental concerns in Moluccas to pertinent stakeholders. The Green Moluccas region actively engages in the celebration and organization of environmental events, including the establishment of environmental competitions and participation in international movements such as Friday for the Future and World Clean Up Day. Green Moluccas has implemented a program to safeguard the coastal environment. This program includes initiatives such as mangrove plantations and the adoption of mangroves for protection purposes. Green Moluccas collaborates with various institutions to safeguard the environment, including participating in coral reef plantation projects with the NAVY, engaging in beach cleanup initiatives with other institutions, and planting trees in the catchment area of Moluccas.


Talented and experienced candidates are invited to apply for the following vacancies at The Green Moluccas:
1. Project Officer of Green Education
Job title: PO Green Education
Supervisor: Head Division of Green Education
Duty Station: Ambon City
Job Type: 2-3 months

Purpose of the job: The goal is to educate and inspire kids or individuals about environmental issues, conservation, and sustainable practices.

Program Support (100%)
● Responsible for developing a curriculum for students attending Green Moluccas.
● Design engaging activities for the students.
● Modify instructional approaches to accommodate diverse learning modalities and age cohorts.
● Facilitate and oversee educational excursions to natural habitats, parks, or areas of environmental significance
● Engage in outdoor educational activities to facilitate experiential learning opportunities.
● Engage in partnerships with nearby educational institutions, community centers, and various organizations to enhance the scope and impact of environmental education initiatives.
● Develop educational materials, posters, and resources for dissemination.
● Advocate for incorporating environmentally sustainable practices into the daily routines of students.
● Arrange or endorse environmental competitions, such as eco-quiz contests or science fairs, to foster engagement and enthusiasm for environmental education.
● Evaluate the efficacy of environmental education programs by analyzing feedback, conducting surveys, and performing evaluations.
● Adapt pedagogical strategies in response to feedback and observed results.
● Record educational activities, participation, and outcomes in a systematic manner.
● Engage in generating reports and documentation for internal and external stakeholders.
● Engage in the various initiatives undertaken by Green Moluccas.
● Participate in multiple meetings as assigned to represent Green Moluccas.

2. Project Officer of Social Enterprise
Job title: PO Social Enterprise
Supervisor: Head Division of Social Enterprise
Duty Station: Ambon City
Job Type: 2-3 months

Purpose of the job: The objective is to enhance societal empowerment and stimulate economic growth among coastal communities through implementing circular economy initiatives, including establishing waste banks, providing recycling waste training, and promoting socialization.


● Develop and implement a strategic plan for the Social Enterprise Program aligned with the overall goals and mission of the Green Moluccas.
● Identify and develop social enterprise initiatives that integrate environmental sustainability with economic viability and positive social outcomes.
● Conduct market research to identify potential opportunities for social enterprise ventures in the environmental sector.
● Analyze trends and assess the feasibility of different business models.
● Develop and manage budgets for social enterprise projects.
● Ensure financial sustainability and monitor financial performance against established goals.
Collaborate with other divisions within the Green Moluccas, such as environmental education, communications, and finance, to integrate social enterprise initiatives seamlessly.
● Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders, including community members, partners, investors, and governmental agencies.
● Foster collaborations that enhance the social and environmental impact of the program.
● Regularly assess and report on the outcomes achieved.
● Identify and pursue business development opportunities to support social enterprise initiatives, including partnerships, grants, and funding opportunities.
● Led a team dedicated to the Social Enterprise Program, providing direction, mentorship, and support for team members.
● Foster a collaborative and innovative working environment.
● Identify potential risks associated with social enterprise projects and develop strategies to mitigate these risks.
● Develop and implement communication strategies to raise awareness about social enterprise initiatives and their impact.
● Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
● Implement training and capacity-building programs to enhance the skills of staff involved in social enterprise projects.
● Attend conferences, workshops, and events related to social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and business for networking and knowledge-sharing.
● Encourage and support the development of innovative solutions that integrate social and environmental goals within the framework of the program.
● Oversee the documentation of social enterprise activities, including project reports, success stories, and lessons learned.
● Provide regular updates to the Head Division, Executive Director, and stakeholders.
● Regularly review and evaluate the performance of the Social Enterprise Program.

3. Project Officer of Campaign and Advocacy
Job title: PO Campaign and Advocacy
Supervisor: Head Division of Campaign and Advocacy
Duty Station: Ambon City
Job Type: 2-3 months

Purpose of the job:
The objectives of this role encompass enhancing societal awareness through the implementation of events and campaigns. Another responsibility entails engaging in advocacy efforts with various parties pertaining to environmental concerns, aiming to support and enforce governmental compliance with environmental legislation.

● Develop comprehensive campaign plans aligned with the Green Moluccas’ mission and objectives.
● Define each campaign's clear goals, target audiences, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
●Conduct research on environmental issues, policy landscapes, and public opinions to inform campaign strategies.
● Analyze data and trends to support evidence-based advocacy.
● Identify and engage with key stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, community groups, and the public.
● Build and maintain relationships with influencers, experts, and decision-makers.
● Advocate for environmentally friendly local, national, and international policies.
● Monitor policy developments and contribute to the drafting of policy recommendations.
● Plan and execute public awareness campaigns through various channels such as social media, traditional media, and community outreach.
● Develop engaging and impactful content to convey environmental messages.
● Collaborate with local communities to address environmental concerns.
● Create campaign materials, including brochures, posters, videos, and online content.
● Plan and execute events, workshops, webinars, and conferences to promote environmental awareness and advocacy.
● Coordinate logistics, invite speakers, and engage participants.
● Provide training to staff, volunteers, and community members on effective advocacy strategies.
● Evaluate campaign outcomes against predefined goals and KPIs.
● Monitor the progress of campaigns and advocacy initiatives.
● Respond promptly and effectively to unforeseen issues.
●Develop crisis communication plans and strategies to address challenges or controversies related to campaigns.

 GM Interns: NOVEMBER 2023 - jANUARI 2024

Olle beijen

is a third-year industrial Design Engineer student. When in Ambon he is really going to miss 'stamppot'

Jorian faber

is a fifth-year Computer Science student. I am really into music and very excited to see what the 'City of  Music' is all about

Lars rietveld

is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student. He is fascinated by nature so he looks forward to visiting the beautiful island of the Moluccas

Levi van der werf

is also a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student and is crushing his Duolingo progression

Gm intern: maret 2024

Nicolas Burch, American University

Nico is an MA student of International Relations from American University, Washington, DC, USA. He is studying Bahasa Indonesia and is eager to learn about Ambon's unique culture and environment while teaching young students about Environmental stewardship